Portrait de Mlle Phocas

Catalogue Raisonné Jean Metzinger

Número: AM-23-001 Jean Metzinger

Date: 1923 (circa)

Titre: Portrait de Mlle Phocas

Notes: Dimensions and whereabouts unknown.

The only known image of this painting, representing the artist Suzanne Phocas, several years before she became the wife of Jean Metzinger, is a Metzinger archive photo, reproduced here.

A detailed photograph of the upper half of this work was reproduced in a newspaper article circa 1923, with the caption: “Portrait de Mlle Phocas, par Metzinger”.

Though it still needs to be determined the name of the newspaper and the exact date it was published. A clipping of the article was extracted from the newspaper by an intermediary: Le Lynx, Coupures de Journaux, 44e année.

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