Jean Metzinger Digital Archive

Researched and curated by Alexander Mittelmann

The Jean Metzinger Association (Défense et promotion de l’œuvre de l’artiste Jean Metzinger) houses extensive archival holdings consisting of scholarly papers, literature, and correspondence, both published and unpublished research relating to Metzinger’s life and work.

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Currently in production, this archival database aims to make accessible a large portion of primary source material associated with Metzinger in a single inclusive interface—over time providing access to more than 20,000 documents and close to 3,000 URL links to press articles, diverse publications on Metzinger, in citable and sharable reference form, spanning from the outset of the twentieth century to the present. This non-profit digitized virtual archive will offer free universal access to (and including) the general image bank of artworks, correspondence, personal papers, manuscripts; press articles, exhibition and auction catalogues, reproductions of works published in avant-garde periodicals, newspapers, magazines, and other period literature.

This service is intended for researchers, art historians, scholars, and the general public. No release date has yet been set. Ad interim, general or specific information is accessible by request to the Jean Metzinger Association (Défense et promotion de l’œuvre de l’artiste Jean Metzinger). Take into account, this is a living database with novel materials added regularly.

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