Le Fumeur

Jean Metzinger Catalogue Raisonné

Number: AM-12-021 Jean Metzinger

Date: 1912-13

Title: Le Fumeur (Man with a Pipe)

Dimensions: 129.7 x 96.68 cm

Collection: Carnegie Museum of Art

Inscriptions: Signed (lower left)

Provenance: J. B. Neumann (unconfirmed)

Gift of G. David Thompson to Carnegie Museum of Art

Exhibitions:  Salon des Indépendants, 1 March ‒ 30 April 1914 (titled Le fumeur)

Galerie Der Sturm, Albert Gleizes, Jean Metzinger, Duchamp-Villon et Jacques Villon  (Archipenko, Chagall), Berlin, July – August 1914 (titled Fumeur)

Literature: Le Petit Comtois, 13 March 1914, reproduced.

Guillaume Apollinaire, Paris-Journal, 3 July 1914 (mentioned as a presumed portrait of himself).

Ray Bethers, Composition in Pictures, 2d ed. New York, Pitman Pub. Corp, 1956, p. 186, reproduced

Chicago Tribune, 7 February 1986. p. 137, reproduced

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 29 March 1986, p. 22, reproduced

Notes: Carnegie Museum of Art dates this work c. 1912.

Not to be confused with Man with a Pipe (Portrait of an American Smoking), 1911, oil on canvas, 92.7 cm × 65.4 cm, Lawrence University (AM-11-014); or La fumeuse (The Smoker), 1912-13, oil on canvas, 91.5 x 65 cm (AM-12-020)

See also, Metzinger monograph, Volume I.

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