Parc Monceau

Jean Metzinger Catalogue Raisonné

Number: AM-06-010 Jean Metzinger

Date: 1906

Title: Parc Monceau

Medium: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 53.4 x 72.4 cm

Inscriptions: Signed (lower left)

Exhibited: Jean Metzinger in Retrospect, Iowa City, The University of Iowa Museum of Art, 1985, no. 11, reproduced in color p. 25 (later travelled to Austin, Chicago and Pittsburgh).

Notes: The Parc Monceau, one of the most beautiful parks in Paris, is a 25 minute walk from Metzinger’s studio, 160 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin, near Gare de l’Est. Robert Delaunay lived at 84 rue de Monceau, two minutes from the park. Metzinger’s rendition of the park, just as his renditions of the Parc Montsouris (AM-06-009), is highly Divisionist with clear references to Fauvism, though the color harmony is strikingly personal. Symmetry is not to be found, yet the composition is balanced. (Alexander Mittelmann, Jean Metzinger, Divisionism, Cubism, Neoclassicism and Post Cubism, written 2 May 2012)

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