Paysage Tropical

AM-06-017 Jean Metzinger, 1906-07, Paysage Tropical, oil on canvas, 89.5 x 62.7 cm

Nature morte

AM-06-016 Jean Metzinger, 1906-07, Nature morte, oil on canvas, 40 x 32 cm, Pre-Cubist and Cubist Works, International Galleries, Chicago, 1964 ex. cat

Paysage à l’arbre rond

AM-06-014 Jean Metzinger, 1906, Paysage a l’arbre rond, Landscape with a round tree, oil on panel, 22 x 27.5 cm

Portrait of Delaunay

AM-06-013 Jean Metzinger, 1906, Portrait of Delaunay, oil, 64.8 x 53.3 cm. Location unknown. Exhibited at the 1906 Salon d’Automne, Paris (no. 1191)

Parc Montsouris

AM-06-011 Jean Metzinger, 1906-07, Landscape with Fountain (Parc Montsouris), oil on canvas, 53.3 x 73.6 cm, private collection

Parc Monceau

AM-06-010 Jean Metzinger, 1906, Parc Monceau, oil on canvas, 53.4 x 72.4 cm, private collection

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